Auto Accident Injury Claims

Law Firm Aggressively Opposes Auto Accident Injury Claims

Tenacious attorney in [ln::address->city] represents insurers in liability actions

Injury damages arising from automobile accidents can spiral out of control without the proper legal guidance. At [ln::firm_name], in [ln::address->city], I represent insurers and other defendants throughout [ln::geo_region] in actions relating to vehicle crashes. As an experienced litigator, I am ready to defend my clients' legal interests in [ln::address->state] courts, but also use my negotiation skills to avoid undue time and expense whenever possible.

Accomplished advocate thoroughly investigates accident facts

No matter how complex the situation might be, I don't rely merely on plaintiff allegations and police reports. I conduct a thorough review to help limit or eliminate potential liability. When appropriate, I can research and identify alternate accident causes, such as:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Speeding

  • Drunk driving

  • Reckless driving

  • Road conditions and weather

  • Improper vehicle design or repair

By developing a complete overview of the accident, I am able to locate all available legal and factual defenses so you can determine how to proceed in the case.

Dedicated lawyer delivers strong support in accident litigation

I have extensive resources and consult with authoritative experts to bolster your case when appropriate. My background and local knowledge enable me to assess the potential outcome appropriately and keep you completely informed of each case development.

Contact an aggressive accident claim defense attorney in [ln::address->state]

If you require a skilled advocate to defend against injury actions arising out of an automobile accident, call [ln::firm_name] at [ln::phone] or contact me online to schedule a [ln::consult] consultation at my [ln::geo_location] office.