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An arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious matter, particularly in Washington, which has some of the nation's toughest DUI penalties. It is crucial that you have an experienced lawyer on your side to guide you through this stressful time. At Thorley Defense Law, we offer experience and knowledge of how serious a DUI charge is, and what's at stake with a DUI conviction in Washington State. You will face a criminal hearing and a Department of Licensing hearing. You could face mandatory jail time, steep fines, loss of your license, and being put into a high-risk insurance pool, raising your premiums substantially. DUI defenses can be complex, but with our help, you have a chance at a resolution that protects you and your license.

We can help to identify problems with police stops and testing.

If you're like most motorists charged with DUI, you are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system and may be tempted to surrender your rights because you don't know your options. Thorley Defense Law will arm you with the knowledge you need to fight the charges against you. No matter how difficult your case seems, we deliver comprehensive counsel on key legal issues such as:


If police officers don't have the proper legal justification to make a vehicle stop or arrest, we will press to have improperly gathered evidence excluded. A strong defense is essential; even in the absence of a test showing intoxication or drug use, you can face sanctions if your ability to drive is lessened to any appreciable degree.


A per se drunk driving charge is filed when a motorist's blood alcohol level is .08 percent or higher. However, various factors can taint a breathalyzer test, including something else the driver might have ingested or problems handling the sample. If a driver is suspected of recent marijuana use, even a trace amount of THC in their system (five nanograms per milliliter of blood) will support a DUI charge.

Sentence reduction

The minimum sentence for a first DUI conviction includes one day in jail, but penalties are much higher for multiple offenders and drivers who are accused of causing an accident while impaired. Thorley Defense Law advocates for resolutions that are appropriate, which can include lowering the charge to a negligent driving count, electronic home-monitoring, and adding an ignition interlock device to a car, which prevents the car from starting if the driver is intoxicated.

We will evaluate the relevant facts in your case and develop a strategy to counter the allegations against you.

If you've been accused of causing an automobile accident while intoxicated, criminal charges may not be your only legal problem. In addition to handling prosecutions, we also defend motorists in civil actions where allegedly injured plaintiffs seek payment. After a review and analysis of the relevant insurance terms, we will work to protect you from unwarranted liability.

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