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When a young person is accused of criminal misconduct, Washington State's juvenile justice system offers several alternatives to incarceration. In these matters, it is important to have a qualified legal adviser by your side to advocate for the most appropriate option and ensure that a child's rights are not violated. Located in Seattle, Thorley Defense Law helps families find solutions that put young people in the best position possible going forward. Unlike most defense attorneys, Rebecca Thorley has extensive experience working specifically on behalf of young people. She understands the impact of antisocial behavior disorders and other special circumstances that authorities might not recognize. Whether your son or daughter is being charged with offenses they did not commit or you need information regarding the different types of juvenile case dispositions, Thorley Defense Law will provide the support you need.

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Thorley Defense Law practices statewide throughout Washington, with a focus on Snohomish, King, Skagit and Pierce counties. We can outline how the law applies to juvenile offenses related to allegations of:


Often, an arresting officer doesn't have the full details of what triggered a physical altercation. If your child is charged with assault, we will conduct a full review to show what actually happened.

Shoplifting and theft crimes

When a youth is accused of taking something from a store or another person, Thorley Defense Law works for a solution that addresses the harm without unduly punishing the juvenile.


Antisocial behavior such as vandalism is often rooted in deeper problems. As an experienced juvenile defender, Rebecca Thorley understands how to identify the key issues and pursue an appropriate outcome.

Drug offenses

Minors who are arrested in connection with drug offenses are usually much better served by substance abuse treatment than other punitive measures. Thorley Defense Law takes a personal approach to these situations so that youths can get the help they need.

In many cases, diversion offers a way for youthful offenders to avoid the criminal justice system while being held accountable for their actions. Rather than being locked away from their parents, children in a diversion program are assigned a program that is tailored to their needs, which can include counseling, restitution or community service.

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