Epic Assistance!

Basically I thought I was off back to the UK, but luckilly we found Rebecca. We had phoned around a little and it seemed no US lawyer would take a case they hadn't started already in terms of immigration. Well Rebecca fully understood our issue. Being an immigrant herself she knew the struggle and wanted to help as soon as I spoke to her. She was professional and literally within 7 days we had my case reopened! She has the contacts, she has the professionalism and she is there for her clients. I couldn't recommend her more! Posted by Daniel March 12, 2018


Ms Thorley is professional and took the time to speak to me at length regarding my charges. I would recommend her to others. Posted by Gabriel February 15, 2018

Car accident with brain injury incident.

Rebecca Thorley helped me tremendously with my case as my health providers were trying to not pay for my full care and it was insanely stressful. She met with me at very convenient times when we needed to talk or do paperwork and was so helpful. I'm so happy to have had her as my lawyer. I don't think I could have done this without her help and my settlement was so big which was a huge surprise! I'm extremely happy with how she handled my case! Posted by Amber November 18, 2017


A really capable and considerate immigration attorney!! Rebecca was a wonderful lawyer and advocate for me through my US citizenship process. Now I am a US citizen!!!! She is very professional, knowledgeable and reliable. It was the most delightful experience. I would strongly recommend Rebecca to everyone!!! Posted by anonymous October 20, 2017

Helpful, caring, and responsive attorney

Rebecca was very knowledgable about my case and knew how to get an agreement with the prosecutor, resulting in a speedy outcome that satisfied both parties. She was responsive to my texts, emails, and calls and kept me informed as to what my options were while keeping my best interest in mind. She explained what the charges were in terms that I understood and I was able to trust her completely with my case and my future. I recommend Rebecca whole heartedly to anyone needing a trusting, intelligent, and experienced professional. Posted by Stephen September 1, 2017

Good job

She was so polite and willing to help out with my questions. Posted by Christencia Obinna August 15, 2017

Case Dismissed

I am so grateful to have Rebecca as my lawyer for my 4th assault DV charge. She always responded quickly to all my emails and text messages. She fought so hard for me and negotiated a dismissal for my case. She is not only knowledgeable and professional in criminal defense but in immigration area as well. She always made time to answer all my questions and concerns regarding immigration impact as well. I highly recommend Rebecca as a lawyer for criminal defense and immigration affairs Posted by anonymous June 27, 2017


I recently applied for my citizenship and because I had gotten in a bit of trouble when I was younger I wanted to use a lawyer to be on the safe side. Since Becky is an immigration attorney as well as an attorney at law she was a perfect fit for me. I had some doubts along the way but she assured me everything would be fine and proved me wrong as I am successfully on my way to getting my citizenship. She is a great lawyer very nice, helpful and understanding. Most importantly she is very knowledgeable and very good at her job and all for a very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend Rebecca Thorley. Posted by anonymous June 2, 2017

Great Job!!!

Rebecca was great she contacted the appropriate people and helped make an embarrassing situation better for me. Thank you!!! Posted by anonymous March 17, 2017

Review for Rebecca Thorley

What makes Rebecca Thorley so special is her personal attention and genuine caring. I respect Rebecca's professionalism, as well as her commitment to humanity and the world in general. (For example, on a trip to Cambodia, one of her first considerations was visiting an orphanage to see how she could help the children there.) Additionally, she is a social activist. Rebecca is very knowledgeable, as well as extremely likable. She makes herself accessible via cell phone or email, and she responds in a timely manner. I would strongly recommend Rebecca if you are in need of legal counsel. Posted by Marilyn March 10, 2017

Wonderful friendly attorney

Becki is an a very friendly personal person. She is a great lawyer and is represenring me in a car accident where I was rear ended. She's very thorough and organized with explaining all that will happen and what I have to do to get the most out of my settlement. She's also helped me out it lowering tickets. She's excellent and I would recommend her to anyone! Posted by Ashley February 9, 2017

Excellent lawyer! Best there is!

I have referred Becky to 3 close friends and relatives all have come back and thanked me on how great she is and how hard she worked for them. I got a ticket for 20 over and she got it dropped to a cell phone ticket. She was in constant contact and kept me in the loop. Definitely happy with her. I will continue to recommend her Posted by Gabriela Mejia February 3, 2017

Thorley Defense

Rebecca took the time to thoroughly understand not only my cases, but me as a person, which went far in resolving my cases fairly. She is personable, compassionate, friendly, reassuring, and confident, all of which were greatly appreciated during one of the most stressful periods in my life. She is a well of information and a pillar of support and was extremely adept at negotiating as well as knowing how to time certain decisions, etc. Thank you for your hard work. Posted by Pamela 
February 3, 2017

Adjustment of status

We hired Rebecca for an Adjustment of Status case. She was thorough and It went very smoothly and I now have my Permanent Resident card. I would recommend her for an immigration case. She has a very friendly disposition and is very pleasant to speak with. Posted by Lonnie 
November 29, 2016

Exceeded expectations!!!

Rebecca has helped me with various legal issues and in all instances she has exceeded my expectations. In the past, I have dealt with Immigration attorneys that only took my money and acted as if they were working on my case. Later I found out that they were only profiting, without any real results. When meeting with Rebecca she had told us that our situation was unique and that she would first research our options then we could make a decision on what to do next. This was specially surprising and refreshing to hear that, she would research and study the case rather than giving us an answer up front. Once the case was studied, we followed the advice and we are thrilled and overwhelmed with joy with the positive outcome of our case. My mother obtained her permanent residence card after being in the US for more than 25 years. This is after numerous attorneys said that it could not be done. Rebecca has also helped me with a personal injury claim that occurred as a result of an auto accident and again the results exceeded my expectations. My injuries and treatments were taken care of and all expenses paid. I would also like to add that communication with Rebecca is great!!! I could never get past the receptionist or assistants with other attorneys. It would be a pleasure to strongly recommend Rebecca Thorley. Thank you for what you do Rebecca. Posted by victor lopez 
August 19, 2016

She Knows Her Onions

I've been wanting to apply for U.S. citizenship after living in the states for many years & had many question about the process, Rebecca was very knowledgeable in this field, she examined my particular situation & provided guidance as well as details I may have otherwise overlooked in the application, so yes, it was very beneficial to have her on my side. Posted by Ian 
June 22, 2016

Best Defense Ever!

If you are looking to hire Rebecca as your lawyer I highly recommend her. Rebecca is passionate about her work and very good at what she does. Whenever I felt uneasy about court she always had a way of being so positive and uplifting that I felt calm and at easy knowing she was my defense. She is an amazing lawyer that gets the job done she negotiated a very good reduced charge on my DWSL. I will hire her again if I ever run into a pickle. She's Fantastic! Posted by Tiffany 
June 1, 2016

So thankful for Rebecca!

I am so grateful I had Rebecca as my lawyer! She fought very hard for me and had my case reduced. She always made time for me and was there answering all my questions and concerns. She communicated very well and was so thorough, I always knew what to expect. She was knowledgeable and was amazing when it came time for court. I highly recommend Rebecca as a lawyer!!! Posted by anonymous 
May 19, 2016

My daughter's case got dismissed

I hired Rebecca to represent my daughter for a criminal charge. Rebecca's representation was excellent and she negotiated a dismissal for my daughter. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome! Rebecca is top-notch and we highly recommend her. Posted by Justin 
May 4, 2016

Rebecca Thorley, a fabulous Immigration Attorney

I would never have had the opportunity to visit Canada again if it had not been for Rebecca Thorley. Rebecca is efficient, understanding, patient and kind she is very thorough and professional. I had a very complex case as a Canadian citizen and US resident. My Green Card had not only expired but Rebecca found several errors that had been made many years ago when my mum applied for it. Without Rebecca's expertise in this matter I believe I would still be in limbo today. Rebecca was always so pleasant whether meeting in person or talking about my case over the phone. She always had a positive attitude reassuring me all would work out and she was right. I visited Vancouver, BC a couple of weeks ago with my mum, it was the best feeling in the world. I went through the border with my WA Driver's License and my Green Card as I do not have my passport as of yet without any difficulty!! I cannot thank Rebecca enough she is the "best of the best" her tenacity in dealing with the many obstacles and special circumstances she came up against and overcame are a reflection of the professional she is. I highly recommend Rebecca Thorley she will put your mind at ease. Posted by Shannon 
April 20, 2016

Best Attorney!!

I got a ticket with negligent driving 2 for speeding with a huge $$$ fine. I knew this could have impacted me badly with implication on insurance. She got the case dismissed fully. She was easy to communicate with and prompt in her response, everything was over email or text. This being my first time and new driver she understood the anxiety and took care of it. I couldn't have got a better lawyer than her. I would highly recommend her. Posted by Kailash 
January 15, 2016

Case dismissed

Rebecca helped resolve a gross misdemeanor case and achieved the best possible outcome. She is personable and communicative. I highly recommend her for those who need a trustable and effective attorney. Posted by anonymous 
November 28, 2015